Internal pain below neck area

Since 2 weeks I am facing a lot of pain below neck area┬ámostly while I put my head down or move it. Even while I move my shoulder up and down. I do exercises but it’s not helping. While I wake up in morning it pains more but later it gets a bit less. It feels like my bones are paining inside. What’s the matter, is there anything serious or a gasteroid issue. Its troubling me a lot I feel like sick internally all the time.

Internal pain below neck area

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  1. welcome to medimetry!!
    it could be cervical spondylosis. does the pain go down the arms too?
    it occurs due to too much of desktop job or computer sitting.
    you should use hot packs over the neck region, stop using pillow rather use a towel roll under the neck.
    you should visit a good physiotherapy clinic and take few sessions.
    certain precautions:
    avoid usin laptop for long time....avoid forward bending....dont hang any bag or anything on the shoulders....
    you should get yourself assessed and get the physiotherapy done followed by some exrrcises prescribed by the physiotherapist.
    it will be fine