Inheritance of blood pressure problem

Hi Doctor, My father has blood pressure problem. My grandfather also have this problem. So i am little afraid that when I will grow up i Will also have this problem too. Can you tell me how to avoid it forever? I don’t want to take medicines for life. My father take beta 50.

Inheritance of blood pressure problem
Family Physician

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    I have read your query in detail and I understand your concern. Hypertension has several risk factors like sedentary lifestyle, overweight, unhealthy eating habits, genetic factors, agressiveness, stress, etc.
    Usually control of Hypertension is possible without medications in its early stages by way of daily activity of atleast one hour daily, including lot of fruits and veggies in your food, drinking at least 3 liters of water a day and meditation ( yoga, music, etc.).

    Let's talk in detail, do upload your blood reports.

    Live healthy!