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  1. hi
    welcome to medimetry
    according to history you have given me you might be suffering from tinea infection
    it will be better if u send me the pics so that I can interpret better
    pus comes out during infection
    u might have infected it by wrongly applied medicaments
    plz let me know the medicine you have applied
    for infection
    start with
    tab augmentin duo (625mg) 1 tab twice daily with food*5 days
    tab vizilac 1 tab daily after food*5days
    tab lcz(5mg) 1 tab after dinner * 5 days
    t- bact cream two times daily for local application
    tab dolo (650mg) SOS if there is pain
    keep area dry
    try to wear pants
    Please don't wear tight clothes
    review after 5 days with pics
    plz let me know if you have any queries