Infant having cold and cough

Dear Sir, My child aged 3 years 10 months, weighing around 13 kg is having cough. She will get cough at night but at day time she will not show it. She is taking syrup Citrazine 2.5ml at night for a week but it is not affecting. Please suggest me a good and effective cough Syrup for her.

Infant having cold and cough

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  1. Hello and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.Cough can be due to several causes like viral and bacterial infections,allergies.I suggest that you give baby warm milk with a pinch of turmeric. Give a teaspoon of honey daily. Keep a humidifier in room.The mist will help in loosening mucus.Give warm liquids like soup. If cough persists he wil need examination and may be tests like Xray chest and blood counts.I hope this helps.Take care and regards!