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  1. Hi Stuti Sharma,
    Welcome to MediMetry. I can understand your concern.
    Are you having irregular periods also?
    Are you having more hair fall?

    Weight gain generally happens when you consume more calories then you burn.But as you said you are not eating anything more.
    Sudden weight gain also occurs due to thyroid imbalance or pcods which is a very common problem nowadays.
    Meanwhile to loose weight cut down the extra fat and carbs from your diet.

    -> Skip fat diets, eat balanced meal and exercise regularly. Processed carbs like maida, sugar are bad for health but complex carbs like daliya are good for weight loss.
    -> Make a routine to exercise 5 days a week and remaining 2 days should be a rest day. Taking rest is really crucial for your body because it provides the time for the muscles to recover in faster manner.
    -> Increase your metabolic rate. Once you know your caloric requirement start with a healthy weight loss plan to help you monitor your food intake.

    -> Light exercise for 1 to 1 and half hour without straining yourself.
    -> Do light exercise for two hours daily slowly without straining yourself.
    -> Drink 3-4 Lt water a day.Drink water a half hour before meals.