How to increase intercourse time?

I’m married. I’m not able to do long time sex please help me for this. less then 5 minutes and not able to do second time after  more then two days or four days so please help me , my wife is not happy please help me.




Answer ( 1 )

  1. reason behind low sexual time including stress ,anxiety ,depression ,smoking ,alcohol ,some medication .for increase stamina and sexual time follow healthy life style ,eat fresh fruits ,eat healthy diet ,take proper sleep ,do regular excercise ,avoid smoking and alcohol ,do yoga and medication . you have to take proper ayurveda medication for that made up of swarn ,rajat ,vang ,shilajit ,ashwagandja ,vidarikand ,shatavari ,kuchla ,jayphal etc which increase stamina ,sex time ,cure early ejaculation ,give proper hardness and give you healthy is purly herbal ,safe and with no side effects ,for details consult me in private consultation