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  1. Hello and welcome to Medimetry.What is weight of baby?What is parents height?Hypothyroidism,zinc deficiency, growth hormone deficiency are common causes of short stature.Give a nutritious diet rich in proteins,fruits vegetables milk and milk products. If still there is no height gain see a Pediatrician and get examined. Take care and best regards!
  2. Hello Bhargavi. Welcome to Medimetry. Your son's weight is appropriate for his age. To increase height, you need worry as the height gain from 2-10 years is slow but visible. Also it depends on maternal and paternal height. Roughly you can include good quality proteins like soya, milk and its products, pulses and nuts. Every child's need is different. Your child's diet plan should also be customised. You can contact me personally to make an appropriate diet plan to rule out any possibilities and get visible results. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries.