can it be implantation bleeding?

I am really confused and worried with whatever going on with me. I was trying for my first baby. My normal cycle is around 28 days. It can be short then this but never late. I had my last periods on Jan 4 and ovulated on 14th day 17th Jan.I started feeling sore and swollen breast,fatigue and nausea. Unfortunately I started bleeding yesterday 31st day of cycle which is very uncommon for me. I tested negative 2 days back. It is not spotting or brown.Its almost like my periods Red in color,got cramps as well.I am so much worried and confused if that can be implantation bleeding or not as it late then my due date which is unlikely for implantation bleeding

can it be implantation bleeding?
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  1. hi,
    thanks for consulting Medimetry
    You are's not an implantation bleeding..this is mostly your periods..
    but don't worry.You are will conceive..Just remember that you need to try every month...if you have tried for one year and still not conceived then we can look for factors..till then nothing to worry..Just keep on trying.