Impact of TSH on pregnancy.

Hello doctor, I got pregnant on 12/5/15 and my TSH level was 4.50 T3-86; T4-7.1 and I was taking 25 MCG thyronorm tablet. I continued the medicine till 9/8/15 and my  TSH reduced to 3.40. After that I missed doses and my TSH raised to 3.88; t3:114; t4:9.7. I want to know will it affect my baby’s brain or overall development? What is the impact of  TSH on pregnancy.


Impact of TSH on pregnancy.
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    You should regularly take thyroxine tabs as advised and your TSH levels should be monitored regularly. The levels in pregnancy should be between 2.5 to 3.5 depending upon the gestation. Of course it's for brain development of the baby but no such data is available as to ensure how much non compliance for short periods affects the development.
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