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    I can understand your concern.

    For weight gain, you have to follow proper exercises with proper diet for long time so, your body produces mature muscle by which you gain weight easily. If you wants to gain weight, then you have to take high protein diet because if you don't take high protein diet, then actually your body produces bad fat, which is not good for you body.

    Diet chart for weight gain:
    3 egg whites;
    3 whole eggs;
    1 cup of cooked oatmeal;
    2 tablespoons of vanilla yogurt;
    1 teaspoon of brown sugar;
    ½ banana

    4 ounces of lean chicken deli;
    2 slices of whole wheat bread;
    2 slices of tomato;
    1 teaspoon of low fat mayo;
    2 cups of green salad;
    2 tablespoons low fat balsamic vinaigrette

    1. boiled chicken.
    2. 2 chappatis.
    3. Any boiled vegetable
    4. salads
    5. After 1 hour of dinner, you can take milk with nuts.

    Exercises routine:
    1) Make your gym routine and exercise routine under an expert and trainers.
    2) Try to lift little bit of heavy weight by which your muscle grows.
    3) Try not to skip legs exercises because it increases your stamina.
    4) Take proper rest after exercises because it also build muscles.
    5) Drink atleast 2-3ltrs of water a day.
    6) Eat according to your exercises.
    7) Do cardio once a week.
    8) Avoid smoking and drinking.
    Note:- Avoid junk food and Saturated fat like ghee, butter etc. Drink lots of water for remain hydrated. Eat after every 3 hours to keep running the metabolism.