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  1. Thanks for your consultation.Let me know your normal cycles of menstruation.If you are married wait till 45 days elapse from 1st day of last period and get urine tested for pregnancy .Tiny cysts are usually functional but multiple tiny cysts with increased ovarian volume associated with hirsutism,acne,with blackening of skin on nape of neck, under the breasts and other alteted findings in blood tests suggests PCOS.Please update me on the above.Best wishes.
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    My USG says dat my both ovaries hv small follicular cyst....impression is polycystic ovarian disease

    My blood report says dat prolactin is 22.4 TSH is 2.09 insulin fasting is 15.4 FSH&LH IS
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    FSH is 3.6 LH is 7
    I m nt married my age is 17 height 5 inches and weight 65kg.......plzz help y I miss my periods n hw can I recover my ds disease?
  4. Good evening.Thanks for your consultation.The reports you have sent are all within standard normal range.However different laboratories have different standardisation of normal ranges, please check the ranges given in the reports . You have not mentioned about presence of hairs on face or chest,acnes,and of linea nigricans(blackening of skin often vevety on back of neck,under breasts,near inguinal region.
    You need some blood tests
    1)serum Testosterone level,DHEA and HbA1C
    Only USG finndings are not confirmative.As per accepted norm we call a patient having PCOS when at least two criterias must be present after excluding other conditions of hyperandrogenism.they are 1)oligo or anovultion2.clinical or biochemical signs of hyperandrogenism3)poly cystic ovarian morphology on USG with presence of 12 or more follicles in each ovary (with one ovary being sufficient for diagnosis) measuring 2to 9mm in diameter or increased in ovarian volume>10ml.
    Hope I have clarified the topic of PCOS.
    Now get me the complete report of USG .You can take a photo of the report and whats app to MediMetry for my attention along your reference.
    Let me know the the presence of hairs on Chest etc as pointed out earlier.Get the invedigations done.
    If you are too worried you can take Tab.PRIMOLUT-N 1 tab twice daily x 3days and wait for 7 days for withdrawl bleeding to occur.
    You are over weight as your BMI is 27.9( normal 18.5 to 24.9)
    So attend Gym and alter diet habit to loose weight as obesity may cause irregular period and amenorrhoea as well.
    Good wishes and Good night.

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    Yes I HV little hairs under my nose above my upper lip,little on my chest...blackening of back neck n inguinal region....
  6. Get those blood examination done.Send me the copy of USG report through Medi Metry with mention of my attention.
    If it is true PCOS you will need medicines and change your lifestyle diet habits and weight reduction.
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    Hello, you may whatsapp your report at +918800868744 and mention the name of Dr. Pradip Basu. Please also mention this question. Thanks !