I have severe hair fall and baldness problem ?

I have severe hairfall doctor …for 3 years …and I also got receding hairline ..I got baldness in front side portion …the crown shape ….frankly speaking I done masturbation several times …pls doctor help me …I don’t want minoxdil and finasteride ….becoz they have side effects ….and if we discontinue this …baldness will reappear …..pls doctor suggest me something ….which should be permanent solution to my baldness …and should not come again ……..I am having a think of using Saw palmetto capsule …..there is a brand called Aprogenin capsules from segals …can I use it ..pls suggest me ….I also used hair for sure for 1 month …but no improvement …..pls doctor I am depressed very much give me a permanent releif for hairfall and baldness

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  1. Hello,
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    You seem to have androgenetic alopecia.
    Androgenetic alopecia is also known as Male pattern baldness, it usually follows a pattern of receding hairline & is related to genetic makeup and male sex hormones.

    Management includes:
    1. Minoxidil preparation to be applied directly to the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles.
    2. Finasteride preparations that interferes with the production of male hormone linked to baldness.
    But these medications have to be used regularly under the guidance of a Dermatologist...as hair loss tends to return on stoppage of these medications.

    Those cases which do not respond to medical therapy and if you are reluctant to use them, hair transplantation is the option for you.

    So...it will be better to consult a Dermatologist & start treatment.
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  2. Saw palmetto might help as its effectiveness is not known completely.
  3. User
    Sir I am going to meet a dermatologist what all test he should take to know about why my hair falling and receding hair line in frontal region ..tell me the name of the test
  4. No specific tests are required... If you wish you can get your basic blood work up done to rule out nutritional deficiency as a cause for hairfall..