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  1. There are various reason for shoulder pain like frozen shoulder,nerve compression ,cervical you feel restricted range of motion along with pain ...what is ur age ,duration of pain,any history of diabetes
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    No restricted motion. Age 48 yrs. Duration of pain - it is intermittent.. Usually seen after long hours of desk and writing work. And no history of DM
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    I had gone to a GP last year who prescribed me a few supplements and they helped. But I don't remember what they were.
  4. OK that's good that you don't have should take supplements of calcium and multivitamins...along with it follow some precautions like correct your posture,try to place ur hand supported ...can take heat therapy by using heating pad or bag for pain exercises like rotate your shoulder in clockwise and anticlockwise direction,take a towel and hold it with both hands in back and extend the towel from the opposite hand side it will help to increase range and maintain mobility of your shoulder...else you can go to physiotherapy clinic and take some sessions and learn exercises there
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    Okay.. I will do that thank you.. :) but which exact supplements should I have? And I've heard that with calcium supplements there is a sachet of something given that increases it's absorption in bones.. What is it?
  6. That is vitamin. D this will help. To increase absorption of should increase your calcium intake in diet by using milk n milk products ,0paneer or tofu intake,banana....can have tablets of supplements of any company cipcal syrup or other...
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    Okay thank you so much :)
  8. You are most welcome..get well soon