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  1. Hello and good evening.Thank you for your consultation.Walking is achieved by 1-1.5 years usually.In few children it may be delayed by few months.I would like to have some information from you.Is it isolated delay in walking or a broader delay?Are other milestones like social smile,talking 1-2 words achieved on time or not?Is there any history of fever with rash in you during pregnancy?Was your baby born at term or prematurely ?Was your baby's birth weight normal or low?Did baby have any history of delayed cry at birth?The common causes of delayed walking are malnutrition,rickets,cerebral palsy,intrauterine infections in mother ,syndromes and muscular dystrophies.I request you to send me detailed information about your baby.A detailed clinical and neurological examination along with tests depending on baby's clinical examination findings may be helpful.Write back to us with more information and queries.I hope it helps.Best wishes and take care!
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  3. Dear Tariq , You can whatsapp the reports at +918800868744 , also please mention the name of Dr Arti with this question.
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