Hypertension .

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My mother is 67 years old. She is diabetic and angioplasty done in 2017. She is talking high bp tablet telma ct 40/6.25 per day after lunch. When I check her bp during evening at home using omran bp machine it  is around between 140/70 or 150/80. Shall I asked her to take omnitan h or omintan 25 during night? Is it okay to take omintan h or omintan 25 in night as she is taking telma ct 40/6.25 during morning?

Hypertension .

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    The bp readings mentioned are in no way alarming to add another drug. She is already on telmisartan with chlorthiazide. There is no point in adding olmisartan both are belonging to same class of drugs. You consult the physician and find out if dosage of telmisartan can be increased by another 20 mg.