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    I have read your query and understood your concern. Hair fall can be due to many reasons like: 1. recent illness in past 6 months 2. physical or mental stress, 3. genetic, 4. nutritional deficiencies, 5. anaemia, 6. thyroid disorders, 7. hormonal 8. inadequate sleep I will like to know whether there is any history relevant to the above mentioned causes? I will also like to know whether the hair loss is in particular pattern as usually found in males or there is diffuse hair loss on the scalp? I will also like to know your hemoglobin levels and serum ferritin levels? How about your thyroid profile? Is there any history of patterned hair loss in family? Kindly reply to my questions because if a certain cause if found, that will also be helpful in treating the condition. I will also advice you to attach a pic of the scalp so that i can see what type of hair loss you are having. If it is patterned hair loss, treatment for it is entirely different. Good luck.
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    It is my family my dad my uncle and grand paa has hairfall problem.I am just 22 now and don't have any problem like thyroid disorders etc.
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    You seem to have androgenetic alopecia.
    Androgenetic alopecia is also known as Male pattern baldness, it usually follows a pattern of receding hairline & is related to genetic makeup and male sex hormones. 

    Management includes: 
    1. Minoxidil preparation to be applied directly to the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles. 
    2. Finasteride preparations that interferes with the production of male hormone linked to baldness. 
    But these medications have to be used regularly under the guidance of a hair loss tends to return on stoppage of these medications. 

    Those cases which do not respond to medical therapy, are managed by hair transplantation. will be better to consult a Dermatologist & start treatment. 
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    Thanks for giving your presious time to me.Can you suggest me any Dermatologist for treatment in kolkata.
  5. I would suggest Dr Poonam Negi in Kolkata.
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