How to treat cold and flu during pregnancy ?

My wife is 12 weeks+ pregnant and she’s got cold cough and fever . Which medicine is safe for her during pregnancy . Her doctor suggested dolo 500 for fever . But for cold and flu there is nothing written in prescription . Could any one suggest please?

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  1. Good evening Amit. In viral fever no antibiotic is going to work.Moreover it is not desirable to take too much medicines in the first trimester.
    It is o.k for her to take Dolo.
    She should drink plenty of fluids in the form of juice , water ,tea with honey.
    She can take
    1.Tab.Limcee 500mgm B.D to suck x 1wk
    2.Cap.Becosule Z 1 cap daily after breakfast x 2wks.
    Do warm saline gurgle.
    Take rest.
    Best wishes.
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    Thank you so much Dr. Basu ... :-)
  3. Welcome.