How to stop lower back pain : Left side

At the back side, muscles of hip bone are swollen on the left side for more than a year. But recently for last 2months this part is paining too much. Unable to bend down, or do other movements. I need to take a painkillers for this reason as I am a working lady. Need suggestions, remedies and proper medicinal name (lower back pain)

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  1. Hi welcome to medimetry.....please give some details regarding your problem like is there any history of injury to that side ,have you gone thru any treatment before ,x ray or MRI done earlier?
  2. There are several reasons for back pain like nerve compression,muscle spasm,...what is ur age?What type of pain you feel is it tingling, numbness ...your pain radiates to leg and foot also it at a particular point or not?when you feel more pain while forward bending or backward...let me know this so that can suggest you better ...
  3. For the time being I will suggest you to go for back exercises in daily routine at least thirty minutes if you feel more pain then you can take heat therapy by using heating pads...
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    There is no history of injury to that side. Yes, I have gone thru treatment of urinary tract infection few years back.
  5. OK...take heat therapy by use of heating pads and do exercise for back muscles and hip also can go to nearby physiotherapy clinic for proper diagnosis and treatment ..therapist can give you short wave or ultrasound or IFT depending on your condition and assessment ...
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    My age is 28 years. It is tingling. Yes, pain extends till leg. It is a particular point paining at the beginning, slowly it extends. Feel more pain while bending
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    I am already using hot pad for this reason but it is of no use.
  8. OK. It may be related to sciatic nerve compression please contact to nearby physiotherapy centre so that therapist will apply u modalities n will explain some exercises to you like back exercises etc
  9. Follow some precautions like avoid low sitting ,correct your posture,heavy weight lifting, use mattres which are not too hard or soft strictly follow exercises in daily routine...
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  11. You are welcome...get well soon