How to reduce weight?

I am gaining too much weight. I can’t control my weight. Now my weight is 84 kg and within a month i am gaining 6 kg. I want to reduce weight. I am working in a power plant, lot of physical work needed in a day at least i walk about 5 km. ┬áBut still i can’t control my weight.


How to reduce weight?

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  1. Hello Arun. Welcome to Medimetry.
  2. Arun, walking 5 km casually or brisk makes a lot of difference. It must be a casual walk that you do at your workplace. Also, if you are working in shifts, that also makes a difference. While working in big companies, you need to manage your meal timings first. Cut down on all the junk foods available in the canteen. Cut down your tea intake if you are habituated to more than 2 cups per day. Increase your raw vegetable intake in your meals. Plus add sprouts daily to your major meals. Avoid sugar and refined foods completely from your daily routine. Drink 2-3 glasses of plain water empty stomach. Replace your evening snacks with healthy options like roasted pulses or cereals, whole grain preparations like porridges in water etc. Practice few meditation techniques which will help you reduce your stress level and indirectly your weight too. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries.
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    Thank u so much sir
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    I am so much addicted to candy's sir.How can I control my habits
  5. Arun, addictions or cravings are signs of nutritional deficiencies. You need to fulfill your body's daily recommendation of all nutrients. If failed, then your body craves for unhealthy eating habits. So, you should focus on healthy eating and living to get rid of wrong habits.