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  1. Good evening.Thanks for consultation.Aren't you under care of any Obstetrician?He or she could have guided you in a better way. However please let me know is it your first pregnancy?How long you are having Hypothyroidism is it from pre pregnant state?
    You may take 1.Tab.Thyronorm 100 one tab daily in the morning in empty stomach ×1 month and Thyrowel 1 such daily 2hours after taking thyronorm.
    Check your TSH level after 2wks as you might require higher dose.
    Presently please get the following examinations done
    1.Blood for FREE T3.FREE T4 and lipid profile.FBS AND PPBS.
    Pl.Don't stop taking Thyronorm without consulting a doctor.
    Best wishes.

  2. Please let me know your date of last menstrual period.Your weight and height.
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    5 feet and 45 kg.weight
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    It is my first pregnancy. muje thyrod level jayda hone ka pata 10 din pahle chala.
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    Shayad yah pregnancy k pahle nahi tha.aur mai pahle kabhi iska check up v nahi karbaya.
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    My last menstrual period 20 oct 2015.
  7. Good morning.if your LMP was
  8. Contd...was 20.10.15 your EDD will be 27.07.2016 that means you are carrying 29+ wks.So please start the medicines immediately.If you don't get Tab.Thyronorm start taking Tab.Eltroxin 100microgram 1 Tab daily.and don't stop it without consulting your doctor.Consult Obstetrician urgently.
    Best of luck.
  9. Your BMI (Body Mass Index )19.3 range is 18.5 to 24.9 for your height and wt.It is o.k.
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    Tsh 10.65 ft3 4.82. Ft4 12.5 hai
  11. Can't get your height and wt.Pl.send me again.TSH is high start treatment immediately.Best wishes.
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    5 foot and 44 kg
  13. Your BMI is 18.9 range is 18.4 24.9. For your height.Take some nutritious diet add protein and fruits.You are vegetarian or non vegetarian?
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  15. Increase milk intake in form pure milk /paneer/caseine.Take soya preperations.Dal /razma add fruits like banana and others.Certain vegetarian people take Egg as well if not restricted in the house.
  16. Omit the last line "certain" If you take egg don't take often not more than once a week only the white portion" Avoid red meat.
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    My blood serological test report found 400 positive.what is reason for this.and suggest for medecine
  19. Serological report of what test is
  20. Contd ...400 let me know.
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    Aso 400positive paya gaya hai.
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    1 month se knee pain in both leg and muscles pain in both thigh.
  23. Pl.get Blood for TC.DC.ESR & RA factor,Urea,Uric acid and throat swab for culture sensitivity done and get me back with the reports. PLEASE GET AN ECG done as well.
    For pain take Tab.Crocine 500mgm 1 tab twice daily x5 days.You might need some antibiotics for which consult your Obstetrician.
    Best wishes.
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    Ra factor _negative,ESR -14 as per westergren method ,urea 20,uric acid -4
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    My tc and dc in normal range
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    But doctor not suggest for ECG.
  27. Pl.get an ECG done and throat swab for culture sensitivity too.
    Best wishes.