How to reduce immunoglobulin E (IGE) level

Hello Doctor I am suffering from immunoglobulin E. My observed value is 529 Ku/L. Please tell me about this problem and give me home remedies and methods through which I can reduce my IGE level.  Main problem is cold cough and shortness of breath.

Please help me.

How to reduce immunoglobulin E (IGE) level
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    It seems you do have allergy tendencies in your body which are associated with asthma or allergic bronchitis and high IgE levels.

    Also you may be associated skin issues like urticaria or atopic dermatitis which are all connected together.

    Well, the first line is usually anti-allergics and that too for a long time. I will not suggest Montelukast.
    Take Allegra 180 mg (Fexofenadine) and Levocet 10 mg (Levocetirizine) in the morning.
    If not controlled we can add Atarax (Hydroxyzine).
    The key is to suppress the allergic cell release.

    If not controlled you may need a short course of steroids. Steroids work like magic in these diseases, but it is bound to relapse once you stop it.
    So, we have to control it with all three generations
    At times they linger on. We have to just wait and see. But for now, we have to control the allergic storm.

    The allergy test is not specific. It detects lot of things which are uncalled for and you may not be able to avoid in your usual life, thus making things more stressful. For example, even cockroach dust is tested in some tests. So, you can imagine.As for allergies, it is best detected by your exposure and response. You are the best judge of it and you can know about it when you experience certain symptoms. For example simple thing like prawns. People know when they are allergic to it.
    IgE levels are both congenital and triggered by environmental agents. It has been present since birth, but got triggered by certain environmental agents.
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