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  1. Hello Ajay,
    Welcome to medimetry, I can understand your concern.

    Do abdominal crunches daily.Kaphalbati pranayam will help reduce tummy as well.
    Drink warm lemon water with honey on empty stomach. Replace evening coffee or tea with green tea.
    You need to consume less calories and burn more than what you take in.
    Eat a well balanced diet.
    Take vegan based diet, less organic foods, sleep more for a minimum of eight hours. Hope you do not have problem of constipation.
    No stress, no smoking and hard drinks (if any). No cola or sweetened drinks.
    Avoid spicy foods, outside street foods, fried foods, junk foods, cream based foods. Eat less salt and no sugar.
    Have high quality protein rich foods, whole wheat foods and also reduce or stop having rice and rice meals.
    avoid junk food and curd in night.

    Thanks to ask at MediMetry.