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  1. Hi. Thanks for posting your query on MediMetry.
    Sinuses are hollow air filled chambers in certain skull and facial bones.
    When these sinuses get filled with mucus which can not be drained due to allergies (in asthma, certain foods and medications etc.) causing swelling and adhesions, respiratory tract infections, nasal polyps, a tooth infection, and deformity or narrowing in nasal passages, Sinusitis may be triggered.

    You may have to go to the ENT specialist who will by physical examination diagnose the exact condition and develop a proper management regime designed uniquely for you.

    In the meanwhile I would suggest a good healthy nutritious diet, regular exercise with plenty of water, stress management and good night's sleep will help toughen your body's immune system, if the cause is non anatomical.

    If there s a problem with structure of the nasal passages, or any cause, the examining physician may recommend certain imaging and blood and microbiological examination to provide further management via antibiotics, antihistaminics, nasal sprays and wash, corticosteroids, etc.

    Surgery may be also advised in certain cases of nasal or other polyps, deviated nasal septum and cleaning of sinuses. This type of surgery is usually performed under either local or general anesthesia, and patients often can go home on the same day.

    Home remedies for the time being include drinking hot water or tea, steam inhalation, nasal saline irrigation, taking OTC decongestants and painkillers etc.

    Please write back if any further clarifications are required.
    Live healthy.