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    It is not uncommon to experience leg cramps during pregnancy, particularly in the third trimester. Nearly half of all pregnant women suffer from muscle spasms in their legs, with cramping more frequent during the evening. Leg cramps may be caused by the additional weight gain of pregnancy and changes in your blood circulation. Pressure from the growing baby may also be placed on the nerves and blood vessels that go to your legs.

    The best treatment for leg cramps is to stand barefoot on a hard floor and lift your toes up. This stretches the calf and can bring fast relief. Or, if you can't stand when a leg cramp strikes, try straightening your leg and gently flex your foot, with toes pointed up and heel down, to stretch out your calf muscle. Don't point your toes downwards as this usually makes the pain worse! Massage the muscle with long, firm strokes toward your foot. If you still feel sore, apply a heating pad or hot water bottle. Exercising daily can also be helpful in avoiding leg cramps.

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