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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your question on medimetry
    I do understand your pain and discomfort
    As per your history is concerned first do treatment for premature follow like this-
    1)You need a physical examination by your local doctor and he will check wether you are a real candidate for premature ejaculation or not.Do a urine test to ruled out any infection present or not and do a serum testosterone.

    2)Do masturbation an hour or two before intercourse so that you can delay ejaculation during sex
    Avoid sex for few days and keep focus on foreplay only

    3)Do and practice( pause -Squeeze tech) please see it in youtube video

    4)Use Lidocaine cream on top of penis to numb the area which prevent ejaculation .The brand name of Lidocaine is promescent.

    5)Take one antidepressant SERTRALINE

    First do it after one month follow me

    hope that helps