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  1. Hello Gaurav. Welcome to Medimetry. Your ideal body weight should be about 70 kg as per your height. To develop a muscular body, you should do few weight training exercises. Along with it, a high protein diet is essential. Add a scoop of whey supplement before and after workout. Rest of the proteins will be taken care by diet. Eat a small cup of pulses, sprouts or any pulse preparation in every meal of the day. Include eggs as part of breakfast if you prefer to eat. Focus on your protein and carbohydrate intake. Let whole grains, whole fruits, dryfruits be a part of your diet. Avoid sugars, cold drinks, refined foods and its products, bakery foods which put on fat mass. Eat timely and do not starve. Drink plain water 30 mins after every meal. Make weight training and high protein diet, a part of your routine to help you get visible results. Hope you find this helpful. For a detailed diet plan, kindly go for a private consultation. Thank you so much.