How to make 2 months baby’s legs straight ?

Hello I’m a mother of a 2months 26days old baby he has been puking almost every time he starts talking n also though I have been massaging him 3 times a day his legs are not becoming straight kindly help me ……thank you.

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  1. Hi Martina and hope you are good.I understand your worry and concern.Some babies are born with naturally curved legs.It has been postulated by few orthopaedicians that the bones of few infants are not joined at hip leading to curvature.This condition heals on its own as child starts growing and walking leg muscles develop and strengthen allowing child to grow normally.Sometimes in ages above 6 months it can indicate calcium deficiency and on advise of doctor calcium supplements are prescribed.Breast feed baby exclusively till 6 months of age.Breast milk is sufficient in calcium and other nutrients.You may massage baby with Dabur Lal Tail.It helps in pain and tiredness.Do not worry.I think its perfectly physiological .Get back to us with more queries.Take care and regards!
  2. Regarding puking I think this is normal phenomena.Babies gulp air along with milk.If not burped they regurgitate. Keep baby upright for 20-30 minutes after feeds.If baby's weight is getting affected or baby is having colicky pain get baby examined.
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    Ty so much Dr Arti