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  1. Hello Nazia Sultana,
    Welcome to MediMetry.

    Diet plays very important role in gaining weight and Loosing weight whether gaining or Loosing totally depends on the food you eat and work you do
    Breakfast should be heavy always so let's start with compound carbs found in muesli with milk, oat porridge, corn flakes with milk,
    Brown bread sandwich etc you have these choices and add 2 eggs or sprouts to them,
    take fruit in between lunch and breakfast and for lunch have only roti with curry.
    And for snacks you can have home made snacks. Dinner you can have veg salad or fruit salad or may take fresh fruit juice.

    And also you can do following things as exercise
    1) Go for morning walk for at least for 20-30 minutes.
    2) Try to do some yoga and stretching exercises.

    Thank you