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    If your weight is normal according to your height, the way you are describing your situation, it looks that you may be having gynecomastia.
    Drug Treatments for Gynecomastia Can be tried after consulting some endocrinologist but invariably they fail to reduce size and surgery is ultimately required.
    In many cases regression can be seen within one year of development of Gynecomastia. After one year chances of regression are less and persistence of male breast or Gynecomastia beyond two years is clear indication for surgery.

    As far as  Gynecomastia Surgery is concerned, In nutshell there are two types  - open circum-areolar and minimally invasive.
    I think preference should be to go for chest reshaping with Gynecomastia surgery to make look totally masculine.
    Consult a plastic surgeon and explore the various possibilities.
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