How to loose weight while having low vitamin D?

My weight is 70 kg and my height is 5’5.  Vitamin d is very low, my bones are very weak. I want to loose weight, i start exercising. Also i have migraine problem.  Please tell me what should i eat or what  not to eat? I wanna loose my 10 kg weight. i am vegetarian.



How to loose weight while having low vitamin D?

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  1. Hello Priyanka. Welcome to Medimetry. Your ideal body weight should be 62.5 kg. For strong bones include milk and milk products upto 500 ml per day in your daily routine. Also add teaspoons of sesame seeds or garden cress seeds to help you with calcium and iron. Resistance exercises will help you build strong muscles. Include a protein rich food in your routine like pulses, sprouts, dry roasted pulses, legumes, soya and its products. Eat a meal rich in fibers like plenty of vegetables and protein sources as mentioned. Exercise daily as mentioned upto 30 mins. For migraine, consult your doctor. Also you can practice meditation and breathing exercises to relieve the pain. Since you are a vegetarian, you first get your vitamin D levels also checked, so that if required you can be advised supplementation. Meanwhile you can also walk for 15-20 mins in early morning sunlight for vitamin D. Hope you find this helpful. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries.
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    Hello doctor
  3. Hello Priyanka. Welcome to Medimetry
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  5. Hello Priyanka. This condition needs a medical advice. So kindly visit your physician regarding this. Thank you.