How to increase weight?

Hello Doctor, I am very thin. I want to increase weight. I have already tried various supplements and medicines but there is no changes. Regularly I am taking milk and banana at night but there is no changes till now. Please help!





How to increase weight?

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  1. Hello Debaprasanna Mohapatra,

    Welcome to MediMetry, I can certainly understand your concerns.
    I would like to suggest you to avoid supplement ,because supplement can harm you body and it can have side effect also.
    Please follow some steps it will help you to increase your weight:-

    Meal 1
    - Cottage Cheese.
    - Handful nuts
    Meal 2
    - Protein drink
    - Banana
    Meal 3
    - Chicken breast (if you are nonveg)
    - Large garden salad
    - Sweet potato
    Meal 4
    - Whole grain bread
    - peanut butter
    - Egg whites
    Meal 5
    - Whole Wheat bagel
    - Protein drink
    Meal 6
    - Fish/tuna (if you are non veg)
    - Large garden salad
    - Plain fat free yogurt
    Meal 7
    - Oats with apple
    - 6 egg whites 2 whole egg