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    In boys the final growth starts around 13-15 years and lasts maximum to 18-19. What height you attain is dependent upon many things most important genetics that is how tall your parents are. All the quick cure remedies are misleading. Assuming that you are into your final growth spurt (which is a possibility and not a certainty) you ought to take care of your nutrition and be active not lazy:
    And tips for nutrition are (I am assuming you are not overweight for your height then number 3 will not apply to you):

    *1. Eat 5-6 times a day
    *2. Get lean protein and vegetables/fruit at every feeding
    *3. Get around 30% of your calories come from fat, split roughly evenly among
    satured, monounsatured and polyunsatured
    * 4. Drink lots of water
    * 5. Aim for 90% good eating, this means cheating very occasionally
    * 6. Eat starchy carbohydrates only in the post-workout window (the next 1-2 
    meals after heavy exercise)
    * 7. Get proper nutrition around strenuous physical activity
    * 8. Get enough sleep!

    In your or any body's hand is to do nutritional effort but end result is determined by unbeatable factor "genetics". Best wishes.
    I hope that answers your question. Good luck.
    If you have any more query I will be most happy to answer it.
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    Suggest me for some best medicine without any sideeffect.
    Plz try to understand my problem.
    Plz suggest some protiene also
  3. You can take powder Protinex 1 scoop twice a day along with milk.