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  1. Hello Nithin,
    Welcome to Medimetry!!
    Considering that your age is 23 years, it is a bit difficult to grow your height alone.
    However,along with your height, your weight also seems to be less for your age. I would recommend that you get yourself checked for Thyroid hormone levels and also for growth hormone levels. A decrease in both of these hormones can cause a stunted growth. A correction for either of these will cause an increase in weight and some increase in height as well.
    However till then , you can perform height gaining exercises like skipping ropes and swimming.
    You must also couple your exercises with a protein rich diet which will help in gaining muscle mass and also improve wear and tear of your body. Protein rich diet can be obtained by eating pulses, sprouts, fish, milk, paneer, etc.
    However a thorough checkup is necessary for over all improvement. For more guidance, do contact us at Medimetry!!