How to improve follicle size?

I’m trying to conceive for last 6 months but unable to concieve. Doctor says my follicle size is not appropriate to get pregnant. How to improve my follicle growth so that we can plan our baby. My follicle size measures 5.5 mms in left ovary and 6.3 in right ovary.


How to improve follicle size?
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    Follicle size grows along with days of menstrual cycle. On 2nd or 3rd day of periods follicles are small and gradually increase in size. By 9 th day usually dominant Follicle is visible on ultrasound which improves further in size and rest of the follicles become atretic. By 12 to 14th day in majority Follicle size matures around 18 to 20 mm and is ready for ovulation.
    If this does not happen in a normal way naturally, various drugs can be given to achieve the desired effect. regular exercise, healthy lifestyle and correction of associated hormonal imbalance is also required. Visit an infertility specialist for work up to look for the cause and hence treatment.

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