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  1. Hi Paras good morning.Thank you for your consultation.You have already reached a respectable average height which is good.Whether your height will grow or not depends on your genetic predisposition.You take diet rich in proteins and dairy products.Exercise daily and take good sleep.These might help.Regarding use of pills or hormones for increasing height is just a waste of money and time.Because that wont help.Take care and keep us posted!
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    Thanks for your reply doctor...
    But i anyhow have to manage to get at least 6 '1' height....
    So i just wanted to ask whether this is possible at this age..
    If so what particular exercises or meals i have to take...
  3. Good evening Paras and thank you for your consultation.You may eat more of dairy products,milk,paneer,cheese ;butter,green leafy vegetables,fruits,nuts and seeds ,soya.Exercises like swimming,hanging and jumping will help.There are chances of height increase till the age of 18.Take care!
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    Thank u so much