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    Acne or pimples as you must be aware is pretty common condition caused chiefly due to hormonal influence and clogging of pores and followed by infection and inflammation.
    Treatment usually depends on severity of of acne. Usually I advise oral antibiotics with or without oral isotretinoin. Apply cream containingnadifloxacin twice day and gel containing benzoyl peroxide and adapalene at bedtime for 1 hour followed by face wash. Use good quality face wash like Fash foaming facewash and a moisturizer like Cetaphil DAM on regular basis.
    Avoid junk food as far as possible and include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.
    Hope this will take care of your condition.
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    Plz tell name of any cream or gel
  3. You can apply adaple c gel over pimples twice a day
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