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  1. Hello....please tell her age,any other problem she is having like thyroid ,blood pressure?
  2. She feels pain in back also,what kind of pain she is having any numbness or tightness?
  3. There are various reason for leg pain like deep vein thrombosis(bluish veins),calcium deficiency,less liquid intake?...she must do exercise in daily routine ,increase liquid intake and calcium rich products,take calcium supplement s along with medicine she is taking for sugar
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    Sir her age is 55 and her bp around 140-150/90-100.not suffering from thyroid and sometime she feels pain in back but not regular.she had a problem also four years back.
  5. Ok...she must do exercises regularly like clockwise and anticlockwise motion of foot,strengthening exercise for knee for this place a towel role below knee and stretch the ankle towards stomach,back exercises also ...for proper training you can consult to physiotherapist near to u