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    As per your query you face heartburn frequently in the evening and night, which could be due to stress . Need not to worry. It occurs due to loosening of sphincters and passage of more acid in stomach. You should avoid oily and spicy food. I would advise that you get an upper Gastrointestinal tract endoscopy done to look for the severity of gastritis. You need to reduce the quantity of food taken per meal. While sleeping put two pillows under your head. Take antacid like Milk of Magnesia before meals, take light frequent meals and avoid spicy, heavy and acidic foods. If you are obese loose some weight. Drink plenty of water and take more of Probiotics in diet. You should take diet rich in multivitamins. This all will prevent HEARTBURN. Take Pantoprazole 40 mg empty stomach OD for 3 days and let me know the response to it.

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    Thanks for the suggestion and asvise. Well i take Gelusil mps chewable tablets occassonally which cools the burning- hope this is ok , if followed with your advise. Hiw about drining cofee tea intake
  3. Yes, you can use gelusil tablets occasionally.
    Tea and coffee can aggravate heartburn symptoms and must be avoided.