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  1. Hello Mohan,
    Welcome to Medimetry!!
    Considering your height of 5 feet 6 inches, your idea weight should be somewhere around 60 kilos.
    Inorder to increase your weight, you need to have a balance between diet and exercise both.
    Make sure that you eat meals at right time. Don't skip any of your meals. Make sure that you have a very heavy breakfast which should contain at least one fruit and a glass of milk. Along with it also make sure that you have a good portion of carbohydrates like rotis or paratha or upma,etc. Have a good mid meal consisting of dry fruits and nuts. In your dinner increase the portions of proteins. Make sure that you are including good amount of proteins like pulses, sprouts, fish, egg, milk etc.
    Along with the diet, you should also perform weight gaining exercises the best of which is jogging and swimming.