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  1. Hello Rajiv. Welcome to Medimetry. Since you are a sportsperson, your calorie and protein intake should be higher than normal to help you increase your endurance. Follow these guidelines to begin with. 1) Eat 2-3 servings of cereals like wheat, jowar, oats etc in every meal. Make proteins an essential part of each meal. Add 2 servings of protein rich foods like eggs, lean meat, dals and sprouts. The combination of every meal should be 3 servings of cereals and 2 servings of protein foods. Add vegetables to it. 2) Include fruits as snack options and before workout to boost you with energy. 3) Include whey protein supplement to help you with an easy protein on the go. 4) During practice and on field during break hours, you can eat protein rich bars to help with needed energy. 5) Before workout, avoid eating heavy meals. Include a fruit and a scoop of whey supplement. 6) Drink electrolyte rich beverages to help you stay hydrated through out the day. 7) Cut down on all refined foods, deep fried foods, bakery foods and sugary foods. Hope you find this helpful. For a detailed diet plan, kindly go for a private consultation.