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    Smokeless tobacco stains and wears down your teeth, causes your gums to recede (peel back) and produces mouth sores. Bad breath is also a common problem. Over time, the use of smokeless tobacco can cause mouth cancer. Nicotine from smokeless tobacco also raises blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and can increase your risk of having a heart attack.

    You can set a date to quit and stick to it. Choose a date 2 to 4 weeks from today. Quitting can be hard, so develop a plan that works for you. Prepare yourself for quitting by identifying the times when you will want smokeless tobacco the most. Plan to avoid those situations or to have tobacco substitutes with you (such as sunflower seeds or chewing gum). Get rid of all your chewing tobacco or snuff before your quit date. Start cutting down now on the amount you chew or dip.

    Get support from your family, friends and doctor. Even better, have a friend or family member who uses smokeless tobacco stop chewing or dipping at the same time that you do. Studies have shown that people who have the support of family and friends are more successful at quitting. Your doctor may also be able to recommend a support program that might help you quit.

    Find an oral substitute for smokeless tobacco that you enjoy. This may be sugarless gum, hard candy, sunflower seeds. Don't substitute cigarette smoking for smokeless tobacco. Stop using all tobacco products.

    Find activities to do when you want to chew or dip. Many people chew or dip when they are bored. Instead, take a walk or a quick jog, lift weights, take a hot shower to relax, or do any activity you enjoy that will keep your mind off smokeless tobacco.
    As a fact, when wrong habits and poisonous substances has enveloped your mind; you will not be able to respond to any remedy. First and the foremost thing to be done is ‘Exercises’.
    Every morning, go for walking and jogging in open fields and grounds. It will help you to get mentally stable and fit.
    Become physically active, whether it’s at a gym, with friends or on your own. Something as simple and easy as walking will help.Just 30 minutes of moderate physical activity can make a tobacco craving go away.
    Include deep-breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, yoga, visualization, hypnosis and massage; it will help a lot.
    Take 2 leaves of Holy Basil and 2 leaves of Brahmi; chew this and eat every morning nd evening. It is the best thing to reduce the habit of addiction and even cures the problems which have taken place in past due to such tobacco.
    Whenever you feel and get attracted to Tobacco; take few seeds of carom and mulethi. Chew them. Chewing them regularly will erase your habit of addiction.
    Replace your cup of milk tea with a cup of green tea or herbal tea.
    Radish is also a good thing to reduce the addiction of Tobacco.
    Instead of plain water, take warm water with cumin seeds boiled in it.
    You can join some meditation classes; so that you acquire full energy to free tobacco.
    Pranayama such as Udgeeth pranayama, Anulom vilom pranayama etc are very useful.
    You can also go with some asanas like Bhujngasana, Vajrasana, Shalabhasana and minor exercises too.
    Thanx and feel free to post back..