How to control and loose weight.

Hello Doctor. My weight is 68 to 69 kg and it is increasing very fast. I have the problem of PCOD. Due to this, the upper body looks more flabby than the lower body. The weight has put on almost 10 to to 15 kg (from 55 to 68 kg) in 1 year. More and more fats stored at the abdominal region and the chest and back also. It is very important to loos the weight for me. Please suggest me what to do and tell me how do i control my diets and what are the important foods should i take to control my weight. Please suggest me something.

How to control and loose weight.

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  1. Hello Zeenat. Welcome to Medimetry. You definitely need to take strict measures to lose weight to avoid further complications. Follow these general guidelines to help you get started with weight loss. 1) Take beverages like tea, coffee etc without sugar. Start taking green tea atleast twice daily before meals. 2) Avoid starchy foods like potato, white rice etc. Opt for brown rice instead. 3) Include raw vegetables 2-3 times daily. 4) Cut down on refined foods, bakery foods, simple sugars, junk foods, deep fried foods. 5) Take a protein rich diet like include dals, sprouts, eggs, fish, soya etc. 6) Drink plenty of plain water. 6) Lastly, important is to exercise. Exercise daily about 45-60 mins. Brisk walk, cycling, running, swimming, skipping etc any more these will help. Do upper body and abdominal exercises to reduce regional fat. For a customised diet plan for visible results, kindly go for a private consultation. Feel free to contact in case of any more queries. Thank you.