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    Complexion of any person has two two components; constitutive, one which is predetermined by genetics and racial factors and usually cannot be changed with any treatment. The other component is due to external agents like environmental exposure, sunlight, use of any cosmetics etc and is amenable to treatment.

    You can get a series of chemical peels, which actually remove the upper dead layers of skin and stimulate regeneration of collagen and thus newer layers of skin. Many options are available in chemical peels depending on the requirement and skin type. (Glycolic peel, retinol peel, cocktail peel etc)
    Also, chemical peeling can be preceded by a simple procedure called microderamabrasion or commonly known as skin polishing to augment the results.
    Also, at home you can try using cream containing kojic acid, tetrahydrocurcumin, arbutin etc for several months (Melaglow cream) for additional benefit and maintenance.

    Always use broad spectrum sunscreen before going out in sun.

    Use a plain moisturiser like cetaphil DAM on daily basis for healthy and hydrated skin.

    Take plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

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