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  1. Hi and thanks for posting us.It is common for newborns to have rashes or other skin problems.It would have been really helpful if you had shared a picture of your baby's boil.From the information shared by you it is possible that these boils could probably be baby acne also called milia.It shows up in first few weeks of life and usually clears on its own within a few months.Another possibility is that it is Erythema toxicum which appears like red blotches with pus.It is a physiological condition seen in most of the newborns and clears on its own.Avoid application of oil,lotions or any other oily creams on baby's skin.Do not use anything for local application till this boil settles down.Continue with exclusive breast feeding.If baby is not acting normally or if skin shows signs of being infected,increased pain,swelling or warmth in the area with fever and pus then you should see a doctor immediately.Hope it helps.Write back to us.Good day!