How relieve pain during IUI?

Hello Doctor, Yesterday i did scan and found i have tilted uterus. My doctor said she had problems during my last IUI to put sperm in the cervix center point. I had severe pain during HSG and i went direct to laproscopy for finding tubes are clear.

I had pain during the entry into cervix for IUI when they force this device to reach cervix..

For next IUI, i want some solution for this so they can enter sperm into cervix, but i cannot tolerate pain. Can this IUI be done using local anesthesia or something? which makes me no pain when they use dilators to hold my cervix to enter sperm?

Thank you


How relieve pain during IUI?
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  1. Pain during IUI is due to prostaglandin released when cervix is dilated. It subsidies after some time.otherwise you can take some pain killer medication.

    Please feel free to ask a follow-up query.