How often to breastfeed a 3 month baby so he must not feel hungry ?

Hi doctor, I breast feed my 3 month old and give him top feed as he is still hungry after feeding. Plz advice what is a better thing to do; should I feed alternatively every three hours with bottle and breast feeding or should i breast feed each time and then give a bottle. Also baby keeps sucking for 30-40 mins does it mean breast milk is not enough. When I express milk I can 60 ml approx. So is baby getting enough milk? his weight is 5.5 kgs. And while drinking milk from breast he starts crying after a while and goes into on and off sucking mode. Plz advice

Tips to Increase Breastfeeding Milk


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  1. Hi Ankita and thank you for your consultation.What was baby's birth weight?At 3 months your baby's weight seems to be adequate.Regarding adequacy of breastmilk if baby is sleeping well after feeds and is active playful I think breastmilk is sufficient.You may try to stay with baby more in skin to skin contact for enhancing breastmilk production.Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and take adequate rest.Although I would suggest exclusive breastfeeding but if you think baby is comfortable with both feeds you may give.Take care if hygiene while making formula feeds.Use clean boiled water.I hope this information helps you.Take care!