Hi,My baby is 7 months old. Can I give her Gerber multigrain cereal and heinz oat and apple porridge?

My baby is 7 months old. Can I give her Gerber multigrain cereal and Heinz oat and apple porridge? Moreover she is getting anemic too .how much iron drops (Chiron z ) should be given? Her weight is 7.2 kg. kindly let me know how to give her weaning food and how many times ? Which type of homemade food can I give and in what quantity ? Otherwise she is taking my feed.
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  1. Hello and thank you for posting us at Medimetry.At 7 months of age baby should be taking breast feeds,fruits and cereals.Fruits like mashed banana and apple mixed with milk should be given.I suggest you to give homemade foods instead of products available in the market.Cereals like wheat and rice may be given in form of khichdi.Boiled purreed vegetables may be started.Start one new food each week and gradually increase the amount.You may add ghee and sugar to make it calorie rich.I sincerely hope this information helped you.Best wishes and take care!
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    Thanks for the information. Kindly let me know the cereals of Heinz and Gerber brand are available at my home . Can I give them ? Moreover let me know how many iron drops can I give her?
  3. Hello and thank you for writing us back.You may give this cereal since they are rich in iron and bcomplex vitamins.Use them as directed.Regarding Iron drops I would suggest that you talk to your Paediatrician whether baby really needs them and if needed the accurate dosage as per baby's weight.I recommend that you prefer homemade cereal foods and not commercial products.Hope this information helped you.Take care and regards!