High serum bilirubin level.

Doctor, My bilirubin level is 4.3. With direct being 0.5 and indirect 3.8. The urine test for BS BP was shown negative. 3 years back I had jaundice(not through hepatitis). My doctor checked for bilirubin for multiple number of weeks (about 8). The bilirubin was always slightly more than the reference level. It was approximately 2.3. He said for a very little number of people the level would be a little high. And now it’s more than double, should I worry now? Please answer me.

High serum bilirubin level.
Family Physician

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  1. Hello, Thank you for posting your question on MediMetry. It is definitely high .You need to he investigated for that by now your liver enzymes and bilirubin levels must have settled post jaundice .Please send the complete LFT reports are the liver enzymes normal? .I would also recommend you to get a complete blood count done to see the haemoglobin level along with a peripheral smear to rule out any haemolysis as this can.also cause high bilirubin levels .
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