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    Abnormally elevated hemoglobin values: Male: > 17.5 g/dl ;Female 15.5g/dl (these values may differ from one lab to another)

    Abnormally high Hb is mostly associated with abnormally high red blood cells(RBC) count,High Hb with RBC's count in normal range is very rare,So first get your RBC count checked!

    Abnormally high Hb can also be seen in normal indviduals who live in High altitude(Hill stations),Athletes who take erythropoietin to improve their performance

    Treatment for elevated Hb(mostly due to elevated RBC's) mainly deals with treatment of the cause,So common pathological causes of High hb level are:
    1 SMOKERS and complications due to smoking i.e EMPHYSEMA(COPD)
    2 Lung problems
    3 Heart problems
    4 Chronic kidney disease patients who are taking erythropoietin medicine
    5 Malignacies of kidney or Bone marrow(polycythemia vera) or liver

    KINDLY NOTE that Hb levels may also vary depending upon the time when you check,Your hydration status

    So,first find the cause for your elevated Hb level,Thank you