High blood sugar in night

I am 74 year old diabetic having diabetes for the last 25 years.My HbA1c is around 7.1. Fasting BG is high around 120_140. Post dinner is 150. Midnight 3am is 130. Liver enzymes are normal but ultrasound shows fatty liver grade 2 and atrophy of pancreas. My current medicines are semi amaryl 0.5, Glycomet SR 1g, Olmesar 40 in the morning and ZitaPlus 20 mg, Glycomet SR 1 g in the night. Issue is constancy of BG in the night and high BG is the morning. Problem seems to be release of glucose by liver and high insulin resistance. Earlier I was on Pioglitazone 15 which has been stopped long back. Kindly advise the right treatment.


High blood sugar in night
Family Physician

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  1. Hi Mr Jain.
    Thanks for posting your query on MediMetry.
    Regarding the right treatment schedule, your consulting doctor will have to check your previous reports and fresh reports and note the changes in the blood sugar levels and other parameters, your response to medication and only then a suitable medication schedule could be advised.
    Please consult an endocrinologist closest to you immediately, as your medication will have to be changed as your diabetes isn't responding to the strength/ dosage of the medication given which will have to be altered.
    As this is an online platform, prescription for medications cannot be given.
    However your endocrinologist may do so.

    Hope this answers your query.
    Live healthy.